Personal Plans

Ona offers free and unlimited submissions and forms on public projects.
Sign up for a paid plan to collect, share, analyze data privately.

Private projects 1 2 5 As many as you need
Private forms 10 (total) 15 (active) 50 (active) As many as you need
Private form submissions 500 5,000 25,000 As many as you need
Data storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data collectors Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Collaborators Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom user roles
Support contacts 1 3 As many as you need
Support level Community Email Email Priority - 1 day
Online form builder
Multimedia question types
Beautiful maps and charts
Preload data into forms
Filtered datasets
Merged datasets
Saved dashboards
Tableau integration
Google Sheets integration
RapidPro integration
Automated XLS Reports

Organization Plans

Organization plans are optimized for teams working on multiple projects.
These plans are the same as personal plans with the following differences:

Org Free
Org Standard
Org Pro
Org private projects 2 5 As many as you need
Org private forms 15 (active) 50 (active) As many as you need
Org private form submissions 5,000 25,000 As many as you need
Org members 3 5 20 As many as you need

Helpful Information

Choosing a plan

The easiest way to determine what plan to sign up for is going by the number of private projects you'll be running. If you are only using Ona for 1 or 2 projects, the Standard plan may be all you need. If you are running more projects or if your 1 or 2 projects will have numerous forms or submissions, you may need to upgrade to the Pro plan.

Personal plans and Organization plans are almost identical. You should go with a personal plan if you have a small team. If you have a bigger team where you'd like a little more control over permissions and be able to assign access to all organization members at the same time, choose an Organization plan.

Organizations that want to use Ona in multiple countries and projects are encouraged to contact to talk about more flexible limits and pricing structures.

Free plans for grassroots organizations

We provide free access to unfunded organizations through our Impact Grant program.

Consulting services

Support for using Ona is included with all plans. We also offer form authoring, training, and premium support options. Contact to discuss your needs.

Local hosting

Sometimes data security laws mandate that data is hosted in country. For these instances, we can help setup and manage local instances of Ona for our clients. Contact to set up local hosting.

From our users

Conor Kelly, Kidogo Early Years

“A few cool Google Sheets tricks matched with the quick and powerful "Google Sheets App" in Ona Apps and I feel like our possibilities are endless!”

Anni Beukes, SDI

“Ona’s real time analysis features, filtered datasets and chart views help us quickly inform on the ground decisions as our federations engage local governments.”